She is: Outstanding and

award winning

By Blackdog - 5 years ago


We’re very proud to have worked with the Institute of Engineering & Technology to support the Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards 2017.

Only 9% of engineers in the UK are women, and our ‘She is:’ campaign seeks to help change this by highlighting all the things a female in the industry can be: outstanding, inspiring, and ultimately, an engineer.

We produced animated web banners, pull-out invitations, social content, flyers, posters and press communications produced by the team of Kerry Oldham, Jackie Hemmings & Lisa DiFabrizio.

The awards ceremony last night was a fantastic event and a great success. See below for more info on the project and an interview with Kerry Oldham, lead creative on the campaign.

What were Blackdog instructed to do for the project? What was the brief?

We were asked by the IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology) to create a campaign to attract entrants to the Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards 2017.

The theme of the campaign needed to tie in with the existing ‘9% is not enough’ campaign – which refers to the low percentage of female engineers in the workforce.

Collateral required was a social media pre-awareness campaign including animated banners, printed flyers, posters and press adverts. We also produced an invitation to be sent out to all attendees.

What did Blackdog come up with – what was the idea?

The campaign name was titled ‘SHE IS:’ This initial phrase preceded various positive words to describe who ‘she is’ ie she is: outstanding, inspiring and, ultimately, ‘an engineer’.

The idea was to inspire and empower young women within the industry and also those who are keen to obtain a career in engineering.

Imagery used was a mixture of real female engineers at work and some shots of previous ceremonies.

How was this executed?

Animated web banners introduced the message on a variety of social platforms where the slideshow mechanic delivered all the key messages. This was also executed in the printed invitation, by creating a physical sliding mechanic with rolling messages appearing through a cut-out window.

For more information on the IET awards visit