The blackdog charity art show 2021

Supporting the community we live and work in is a big part of Blackdog’s ethos, and by fundraising for our local charities we can give back and help to spread awareness for some amazing causes.

By Blackdog - 2 years ago


As a creative agency, our latest fundraising event is one we’re particularly excited about. In November we will be holding an exhibition and auction to raise money for Hertfordshire-based charities SPACE and Earthworks St Albans. The pieces will be created by the charities and Blackdog as well as students from Hertford Regional College.

Bidding is now open

Head over to our Facebook page and start bidding on all the fantastic artwork that’s been kindly donated for these amazing charities.

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What are you waiting for, lets go!


Fundraising is crucial for smaller charities

As well as having a limited budget and a smaller pool of volunteers to call upon, they can also struggle to compete with bigger, more well-known charities, which makes raising awareness for their cause more of a challenge.

Add to this the repercussions of the pandemic, and it’s clear that local charities in particular need our support. But the benefits of smaller organisations shouldn’t be overlooked. They are often able to create genuine relationships with the people they work for, and the effect they can have on the local community is extremely powerful. They can provide lifelines to individuals and their families, connecting them to much-needed services and each other and increasing awareness and education for their causes.


A little bit about our charities…

SPACE supports parents and carers of children and young people with neurodiverse and related conditions, such as autism and ADHD, with the goal of connecting families, professionals and the local community and to reduce feelings of isolation.

By providing support groups, workshops and social events, SPACE works to improve confidence and empower individuals, as well as providing access to information and services and improving awareness.


Earthworks supports people with learning disabilities to manage 3.5 acres of eco-gardens, the fruits of which are sold monthly at St Albans Farmers’ Market. The charity offers their “Earthworkers” work experience and training in horticulture, ecology & conservation, crafts and small-scale construction, developing skills, building confidence & communication and boosting physical & mental wellbeing.

Earthworks champions autonomy and social inclusion, and its pilot project Earthworks on Wheels empowers Earthworkers to use the skills they’ve learnt to care for the gardens of vulnerable people in their community.