Are you ready to get back to business?

By Blackdog - 4 years ago


It’s clear that we’ve all had to adapt in these unique times.

Shoppers, retailers, brands and agencies alike are facing a new retail landscape where exact outcomes are uncertain.

As an agency, retail has been in our DNA since we won our first client in Tesco.

We work together to this day, and our agile and initiative responses to their needs have been the strong foundations of a long-term relationship we never take for granted.

Our knowledge of how real people think and act, outside of a marketing bubble or venn diagram has proven invaluable to all our retail clients and brands operating in this fast-paced world love our approach to B2C and B2B.

We see it all simply as People to People.

We’ve been helping large and small retailers during these unusual times.

Whether food & drink stores that are feeding the nation, or non-food outlets preparing to open their doors again.

Here’s our 5 point plan for getting retail ready:

1. Reassurance

The safety and wellbeing of customers and staff is a priority.

Reassurance that they are being put first is paramount.

Staff communications in communal areas highlighting how they are being protected as well as customer-facing messaging that shows what initiatives are being taken to protect shoppers will serve as a lasting memory of brands and retailers long after any normality is resumed.

2. Clarity

We know that shopper’s attention spans are short, even in pre-crisis times.

Messaging as to what customers need to do must be short, succinct and clear.

Graphic symbols have played their part more than ever and we have found simple colour ways and short, punchy sentences have worked for our clients.

3. Tone

Striking the right balance of tone is critical. Authoritative yet warm, empathetic yet confident.

Our writers know instinctively how to talk to real people in real language that cuts through.

4. Navigation

Directional signage, new one-way systems and newly added communications to help customers find basics without having to travel the whole store and social distancing guidelines are just some of the design elements we have undertaken for retailers during the lockdown.

Retail Navigation

5. Engagement

Shopping habits have changed, and for many shoppers there are inevitably less trips with larger basket spend.

Keeping in touch between those visits via CRM campaigns, website updates and delivery collateral, as well as out of store updates such as window media are all vital touch-points in keeping in touch. We can help with all of these.

We’d love to help you with your plan for getting retail ready.

Please contact:

Jackie Hemmings