Innovative Branding Puts You One Step Ahead:

How thinking innovatively about your brand brings a competitive edge.

By Blackdog - one year ago


In a world of familiarity full of me-too brands, its good to see that thinking differently still can make an impact. It might be a new approach to an established sector or a tone of voice that stands out from the crowd.

Hey, remember when the cute language of Innocent Drinks was unique and ownable before others jumped on the brand-waggon.


Capturing an audience’s attention with something new, different, or exciting isn’t easy. That ‘thing’ that grabs people to try and buy is a thing we call Captivating PeopleTM.

These days, greater choice, increased consumption and simplified buying methods mean the balance of power has shifted from brands to buyers.

Shoppers can find almost anything they want, need, or think they need, in a variety of styles, at a range of prices, without needing to go anywhere to get it.

Of course this means that brands are competing for our eye-ball time like never before. Captivating People ain’t a cinch.

The moment a brand thinks or acts differently, as soon as they can offer their audience something special, provide them with something they didn’t even know they needed, that’s when their audience will no longer be considering which option to choose – they’ll be captivated by that brand ahead of others.

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White space wins

Below we explore some of the reasons why it’s well worth considering an innovative approach.

Innovative Branding Helps Stay Ahead of the Competition


It’s not enough to just keep abreast with everyone else. Being the first to rise above the competition gives you an advantage in the market and highlights your expertise in the industry.

DHL created four ‘Innovation Centers ‘across the globe to showcase their unique commitment to innovation in logistics.

The buildings served as physical and metaphorical centres of excellence to highlight to their existing and potential customers that innovation is a core component of their offer. We even created a customer-facing mini brand around innovation for them and a mantra that appears on the walls of the Innovation Centers.

Showing themselves to be industry leaders when it comes to innovation puts them in the driving seat and allows them to stay ahead of the curve.

Find out how we created a strong brand identity for DHL’s Innovation Centers along with pre-launch teasers and installation concepts.

Innovation Branding Gets People Talking

When people are talking about your brand, they’re marketing your product for you. Drumming up some excitement, which an innovative product is likely to do, enables the word to spread and builds trust around your innovative branding idea.


Amazon Style, due to launch later this year in Los Angeles, is set to transform how we shop in-store. Rather than sifting through rails of items in the hopes of finding a specific size or style, shoppers will be able to scan the item using the Amazon Shopping app to check availability and tailored recommendations, then send them directly to the fitting room or checkout.

By combining the best of bricks-and-mortar shopping with sophisticated digital technology, Amazon Style could transform the future of in-store shopping for good.

Innovative Brands Expand Through Unexpected Partnerships

Collaborations are a popular method of giving your brand a refresh and expanding into new areas, as well as inviting a wider audience to interact with your brand.


Greggs partnered with Primark earlier this year by opening a cafe in Primark’s flagship store alongside a limited range of Greggs branded clothing, which was a hit with consumers thanks to its unique and quirky marketing. Off the back of this success, Primark also partnered with Smokey Barbers in two of its stores, creating a multi-faceted experience for its shoppers.

Brands joining together to appeal to a shared audience is a clear win for all parties whilst reinforcing the connection between brand and shopper.

Encourage Consumer Loyalty


Creating an effective branding innovation for the customers who are already loyal to your brand rewards them and encourages others to follow suit.

Sky VIP’s free loyalty programme rewards members with exclusive gifts and experiences, ranging from cinema screenings and sporting events to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And the longer-lasting the membership, the more rewards available, meaning their customers benefit time and time again by maintaining their loyalty – and their membership.

Give Consumers What They Need

Spotting a gap in the market is the perfect opportunity to introduce brand innovation. Canva did just that when they launched their customisable online design platform, enabling customers to design their own, well, anything.

Canva’s huge range of easy-to-use templates range from business cards and presentations to social media ads, and can be applied to all sorts of visual content. The success of the innovation is in part down to its cultural relevance, appealing to the needs of its customers by keeping up with the latest trends, as well as the way the brand provides accessibility to what was previously reserved for skilled professionals only.


Appeal to Your Audience Through Innovative Branding Strategies

Introducing innovative branding strategies that create an emotional connection and resonates personally with your customers is a sure-fire way of piquing their interest.

American retail company Lowe’s introduced ‘Making It… With Lowe’s’ to give diverse-owned small businesses the chance to sell their products on the company’s shelves. The initiative aims to more accurately reflect shoppers and local communities and boosts small businesses.


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With technology evolving at a rate of knots alongside changing consumer shopping behaviours, it’s vital that brands update their traditional marketing methods to contemporary innovative branding strategies that will enable them to grow with the market as well as keeping them one step ahead of the competition. If you’re in need of some innovative thinking for your brand, speak to a member of our team today.

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