What the Pop-Up Store Can’t Do

By Blackdog - 5 years ago


The ploy of the pop-up store has become so well done it’s almost like TV ads or radio, blending into the nothingness as everyone competes to be the next biggest or best thing.

Saying that, there are a few recent examples which stand out. The first; Porsche’s highest pop-up store in the French Alps, if only for the great views alone. The second; Diesel’s Manhattan “knock-off” pop up where it sold its own misspelled merchandise for bargain prices as a nod to the amount of counterfeit clothing sold in the area.

As is shown in these examples, Pop Up stores are a great PR stunt. They attract crowds but often, the shopping doesn’t happen in the moment. This is where you must stop and ask yourself: am I trying to create a holistic brand experience or do I want to spark an idea?

Both are completely different aims and often make the difference between a successful pop up and a confusing one.

If you understand that a pop up is a form of ad and the ad is your offer, then you’ll know the purchase probably won’t happen in the moment.

Most of the time, shoppers either want to go to an event or they want to go to a shop. The journeys and expectations for both are completely different. A shop stop-off may take minutes. A mindless task, much akin to driving to the office then pulling up and thinking “how on earth did I get here?”. The journey is functional and the marketing should reflect this.

On the other hand, an event (which is what a “pop up shop” really is) needs time and engagement. The shopper gets out what they put in, which is often interest and learning. This is a very different mindset to the one used for making purchasing decisions.

Attempting to do both: “pop up” and “shop” can be a bit much – either too intrusive or too much of an experience to take it all seriously.

Yes pop ups are effective, but they aren’t for everyone and they definitely aren’t about making a quick buck. If you want a rise in sales, you’re much better off working on accurate and effective in-store deployment. The nitty gritty bit that gets under the skin of what shoppers want, and how you can make their lives easier.

If you want to get people talking, to create a buzz and have your name on people’s lips, then a pop up could be the way to go.

Just make sure you send us an invite.