Why Choose FSDUs?

How free-standing display units play an important role in retail marketing

By Blackdog - one year ago


The way we shop is always developing, and implications from the recent pandemic through to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis are seeing many consumers favouring online shopping over visiting bricks-and-mortar stores. Therefore, brands need to work harder to ensure their products have a strong presence in-store to entice shoppers at every opportunity and to make sure their product is chosen over their competitors’. And FSDUs can help with exactly that.

What Is An FSDU?

Free-standing display units (sometimes referred to as floor-standing display units or OFDs) house products away from the competition on-shelf. They disrupt the customer journey to ensure they grab shoppers’ attention and are designed to build brand awareness and maximise product visibility to turn browsers into buyers.

FSDUs are particularly effective when used to introduce a new product or range, as well as during seasonal periods, as they are quick to turn around and deliver maximum impact.

How Do FSDUs Perform Compared To In-aisle?

FSDUs can be sited anywhere around the store, giving the brand more control over when their audience sees their product, and are intentionally placed to stand out and catch consumers’ attention. In comparison, there may be many similar products on-shelf, some even competitively priced, that simply get lost in the crowd.

Studies into psychological performance of FSDUs show that these display stands are 5 times more effective at grabbing shoppers’ attention compared to products in-aisle.

Further reasons for their increased performance are clear pricing and promotions that can be featured on header boards – allowing for larger price tiles compared to those on shelf stripping or talkers – as well as more space given to design and copy, resulting in recognisable branding, more information about the product or range and the chance for an emotional tug or in-store theatre.


How To Build Highly Effective FSDUs

We’ve amassed years of experience creating FSDUs to Captivate People in the retail industry. Here are some key points to consider when designing your shop display stands.

Brand Consistency

Your branding should be instantly recognisable, especially if you’re promoting a new launch. Consistency is crucial, so ensure your logo, colours and wording match your product. Be particularly mindful of colour discrepancies when printing onto different materials.


Creativity Is Key

FSDUs offer opportunities to be as creative as you like. As well as vibrant colour and eye-catching graphics, consider interesting shapes and die-cutting for even more impact. But it doesn’t stop there – the addition of digital screens is becoming increasingly popular and these are ideal for changing promotions or simply to provide more information about your brand or product. Anything to increase emotional appeal and customer interaction is a winner.


How It’s Made

The materials you use need to be strong enough to hold products at maximum capacity and need to be durable enough to fare well on the shop floor. It’s also important to consider how environmentally friendly they are.

Appeal To Retailers

Your FSDU should be easy to install and move around and should be easily restocked without causing damage to the shelving. A smaller base may be easier to site and will be more likely to be placed in a more stand-out location.


Your Budget

There are FSDUs for all budgets, and this will vary depending on the size, materials used, the number of elements and how bespoke the design. It’s also vital to consider how the display will be delivered, and whether elements can be swapped out as promotions/products/seasons change rather than producing a whole new unit.

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